Friday, March 02, 2007

My First Sock

I started my sock! I had a great time in class at my LYS... well, not really a class. I was the only student! Just means I had all the attention. I am glad I taking this class. I'm going to learn the tricks. I'm using Regia 4 ply with size 2 needles.The color is Jacquard. Can't give you more information on the yarn cuz it's in German. I am a big lady so I cast on 60 and am doing the ribbing with k2, p1. For home work I sould have 6-7 inches done my next Friday. It's fun!

The picture shows what I did in class. Not much for two hours but the needles are small and the yarn is too! There is a learning curve!


Beth said...

Congrats on your first sock! I am attending my final class tomorrow (finishing the toe) and I'm so excited. Its a lot of fun to make make socks, I can tell I'm going to be addicted to it & I'm sure you will be as well! Can't wait to see your completed sock!!


Kerry said...

Congrats indeed! As soon as you wear that sock you'll know why knitting them is so addictive. And don't forget, sock yarn doesn't count in your stash. LOL

KnitPastis said...

Oh girl, you are going to be really great at knitting socks! Wanna know how I know this? It's because you started off with a very thin sock yarn and small needles. In the sock class at my LYS where I first learned how, they had us start with size US 4 DPNS and a thicker yarn. You are doing excellent!